What States have Good Hog Hunting Opportunities?

If you’re wondering “what states have good hog hunting opportunities, Texas Landsource is here to answer your question! Hunting feral pigs has become a popular game animal in the United States as their populations continue to expand and spread. With that population rise comes new hog hunting chances.

However, as time has gone on and lifestyles have evolved, feral pigs now bring many hazards to people. They can spread illnesses and damage farmers’ crops.


Therefore, localities with hog populations have expanded hunting seasons with little controls. 

So, we focus on five states recently have permitted hog hunting. These states provide the best opportunity for hunters hoping to join in on the action.

5. Mississippi

The Mississippi state wildlife agency is making considerable efforts to maintain a limited population of these creatures, which currently number about 2,000. Hunters can take as many hogs as they can year-round.

Most of the feral hog population is in the state’s southern region. Here, the topography is more forested and has rolling hills. During deer season, hunters must respect the restrictions of the deer season. Likewise, they must carry a deer permit along with a hunting license. You can pursue feral pigs at night, even out of deer hunting season.

Residents can shoot pigs for $19, while a hunting license for non-residents will cost $125.

4. Louisiana

Louisiana recently began allowing feral hog hunting of its estimated 2,000 hog population. But you only can do it during daytime hours, which takes away from the peak periods of activity for wild pigs. 

This state is looking to prevent the spread of wild pigs northward from the deep south. Most of the state’s wild pig population lives around the southern border and comes from Tennessee.

Louisiana does not have a bag restriction, and an annual hunting license will get you permission to shoot hogs for the price of $20 for locals and $140 for non-residents. However, you cannot hunt wild hogs on some National Park Service-managed lands without special authorization. 

3. Pennsylvania

Wild pigs have found their way into Pennsylvania. Before the population exploded to an estimated 3,000 animals, it is thought that wild pigs may have been brought in to be killed by private persons. Thus, the state is aggressively striving to remove the feral hog population.

There are regulations that hunters must follow throughout the hunting season, such as wearing the proper clothes and carrying the proper permits. So, if you want to go hog hunting during deer season, you will need a permit and follow all deer hunting regulations. Likewise, the state does not permit night hunting or the use of bait under any other circumstances. 

2. Michigan

Michigan has more wild pigs than any other state, with about 5,000 animals. Like Pennsylvania, it is thought that private game ranches and private persons carried feral pigs in.

To hunt feral pigs in Michigan, you need a concealed pistol permit or a valid hunting license. This would cost locals $11 and $151 for non-residents. Hog season is open year-round. Besides, you can hunt them at night during other seasons, such as the raccoon, opossum, fox, and coyote seasons.

Every hunter can use two gallons of bait at any location. In addition, there are no restrictions on the number of wild pigs you can take in Michigan.

1. Oregon

Recent estimates put Oregon’s hog population at around 5,000, with many coming from neighboring California. So, this state has permitted hunters with valid hunting licenses to take as many pigs as they can year-round.

Hunting pigs may take place on public and private grounds, and locals can receive a hunting license for $29.50. Meanwhile, non-residents can get a hunting license for $148.50. The cost is higher than in some other western states. But the number of pigs and the abundance of public hunting territory make this an excellent location for hog hunting.

The state of Oregon wants to control the expansion of the feral hog population. Yet, the state does not currently permit nighttime hunting or the use of bait to reduce the hog population.

Plan Your Trip to Go Hog Hunting

Hog hunting is still not as popular as other sorts of hunting. But that is owing to several myths. Many areas have year-round seasons. But a hog is not considered a “trophy species” as other large game animals do. 

However, as the population continues to increase and spread, hunting these creatures can become a necessity. Thus, you may see why visiting a “hog state” and trying a new region can be a good idea.