Top Roofing Tips For New Homeowners

Top Roofing Tips For New Homeowners

At Texas Landsource we want you to know the top roofing tips for new homeowners. Landsource has decades of experience with contractors, take advantage of our mistakes and save money on your home improvement projects. 

If In East Texas, a new homeowner needs to take care of their roof. When we are talking about homes in Cherokee, Gregg, Franklin, Harrison, Hopkins, or Houston County, the weather is harsh. In addition to protecting your family and home, your roof also keeps your home insulated and comfortable. During the hot summer months, you want to be sure you are working with the best East Texas roofing company.


Listed below are some tips for roofing in Texas:

1. Clean All Debris

You should also clean your gutters twice a year as part of regular roof maintenance. If you live in a tree- and vegetation-rich area, do this four times a year, or once a season. You should clean your gutters twice during the fall season if there are a lot of trees near your home.

Rainwater collects in gutters, so keeping them clean is crucial to roof health. Water cannot flow through clogged gutters when they are clogged with debris. On the roof, the water pools before it overflows onto the sides.

Therefore, when it rains, the lower sections of your roof are exposed to moisture for extended periods. Over time, these “exposure incidents” increase the likelihood of moisture penetrating your roof.

Also, organic matter that fills gutters, including leaves and twigs, is a food source for fungi. It does not take long for them to proliferate, and in time, they can cover your entire roof. Once your roof is attacked, other organic materials, like cellulose fibers, can also be damaged.

As long as the gutters aren’t set too high, gutter cleaning is a DIY project. If you have to climb up a ladder too high to complete the job, consider hiring gutter cleaning experts. If you fall from a height of 6 feet or more (such as from a rooftop), severe injuries can already occur.

2. Routine Maintenance

You should look for East Texas, roofing contractors who can help you maintain your roof in the years to come when you become a homeowner. The roof is a vital part of your house. Additionally, routine maintenance prevents expensive roof repairs in Texas down the road.

3. Know Your Own Home

Different roof shapes and styles come with different problems and maintenance requirements. Your roofing professional will know how to handle those differences. However, you should first become familiar with them. Before visiting your home, roofing companies in East Texas will be better able to assist you if you can describe the structure.  

4. Look For Accredited Contractors

If a contractor is going to work on a roof, he or she must be certified. Accreditation ensures their skills are up-to-date. Make sure you hire a certified roofing contractor by checking for referrals and background checks.

5. Get Those Plants off of Your Roof

Vegetation should be removed from your roof as soon as it grows on it unless your roof is green. The water-retaining properties of algae and moss make them particularly toxic. Their natural habitats are protected from soil erosion by this trait.

Although algae and moss grow on roofing systems, they soak up moisture and store it. Imagine how much heavier your roof can be after they absorb all that water! Water from these containers can also leak into the underlying roof material in addition to adding weight.

Molds can also grow on your roof due to all that excess moisture. The spores of molds are ubiquitous, so once they touch a moist part of your roof, they will start to grow. From there, the spores can germinate and spread within 24 to 48 hours.

Also, those roof molds can continue to produce spores that can then get into your home. These spores can also germinate indoors if there is a high level of indoor humidity.

Additionally, sweeping will help you remove vegetation growing along your roof’s edges. You should leave the work on the roof itself to professionals.

6. Inspect Regularly

The quality and durability of your roof can be improved with routine maintenance alone, but an inspection can do even more. Untrained professionals may not notice damages or potential problems on a roof. They can help spot them with the help of a roof inspector.

You can get routine roof inspections in Texas. A professional inspection helps detect leaks or cracks that could result in mold or water damage to your home.


If you move into a new home, you should be sure to take good care of it! Taking care of your roof is an essential part of home maintenance. Your house can last for decades if you follow these tips for roofing in East Texas.

 Whether you are buying land for sale in East Texas or need a home improvement project contractor. Reach out to Texas Landsource today for all of your Texas real estate needs