Tips to Hunt North American Blacktail Deer?

Texas Landsource gives you the tips to hunt North American Blacktail deer. If you are a deer hunter, you would agree these animals are one of the most challenging big species to pursue. Thus, you always may want to learn new ways to approach blacktail deer hunting. 

This is our second post about how to hunt this big species in North America. Previously, we told you how much blacktail deer can grow and where you can find them in North America.  

Now, we will provide some effective hunting tips for successful hunting.


Blacktail Deer Hunting Tips

You must hunt blacktails differently than whitetails: Tree stands are rarely utilized in blacktail deer hunting unless you discover a trail camera-rich location. Spot-and-stalk or motionless hunting will be most effective. Expect to spend hours glassing before finding bucks.

  • The season always matters: In late November and early December, blacktails rut, giving you the finest chance to surprise a huge deer.
  • Use these techniques methodically: Blacktails prefer thick brush areas. So, you may not see them until you are close to them, which can provide intense archery hunting situations. Blacktail hunters swear by precise cuts.
  • Before archery season, be cautious scouting: Some blacktails, notably Sitka deer, move, and their late-season haunts may be different.
  • Are you on a migratory path, and you missed a large buck? Probably, it is miles away: When a shooting chance arises, take it! Blacktail deer hunting requires difficult hiking over rugged terrain, thus, playing with the wind is crucial. You will sweat a lot and work hard to monitor your aroma.
  • Blacktails like damp, rainy regions: Some hunters say rain is better for blacktails. So, have waterproof and camo gear. Taking a trophy blacktail buck requires hunters to withstand bad weather. Hence, dress accordingly. 
  • Blacktails are little. However, carrying a .30-06 is a good idea: Bears frequent the locations where you will be hunting. Larger calibers are a prudent precaution. Bring a friend to help too.

Blacktail Deer Hunting

The north and west regions have Columbian blacktail deer. Do you want a Pope & Young or Boone & Crockett deer? A lot of crossbreeding occurs, so be careful. 

You can legally shoot hybrid deer. However, they may not classify the book. Keep in mind that B&C considers anything east of Interstate 5 a muley. 

Public land has plenty of hunting chances. Shasta-Trinity, Six Rivers, and Klamath national forests are relevant locations. Citizens pay $49.94 for a basic hunting license, while non-residents pay $174.45.

A resident deer tag costs $32.97 and $293.65 after that. Resident second tags cost $41.04 and non-residents $293.65.

Instead of hunting on public land, you can hire an outfitter. Most packages are for three to five days. Depending on the outfitter and deer size, expect to pay $2,500 to $10,000. Most outfitted hunts are on private territory, reducing hunting pressure.

Blacktail Hunting

Hunting licenses are pricier. Here, you will discover greater cash. Resident hunting licenses cost $33.50 and non-residents $167. After that, resident deer tags cost $27.50, and non-residents $430.50.

This region has fewer outfitters. Thus, hunting here is more DIY. So, try Rogue River-Siskiyou, Siuslaw, and Tillamook forests. Besides, do not forget the Cascade Mountains east of Portland.

The Department of Fish & Wildlife also maintains a private land access program. These logging locations have plenty of cuts to glass for big bucks.

Blacktail Deer Hunting

Again, non-resident licensing is not cheap, but you can hunt big bucks here.

Non-resident deer licenses cost $434.30. This region sells combination license packages if you want to save money. Likewise, non-residents pay $835.80 for deer/elk/small game. Deer/elk/bear/cougar/small game costs $956.80.

This region has fewer guides, so expect a DIY hunt. Olympic National Forest has hundreds of thousands of acres of public land for challenge-seekers. 

Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting 

Southeast is regarded as the location to go blacktail deer hunting. Licenses and tags are easy to obtain. Comparatively, the prices are low. Non-resident yearly hunting licenses cost $160, and deer tags $300.

The travel you must do is downside. You would have to take many long journeys in small, uncomfortable planes. Besides, we advise avoiding a strict hunting schedule since the weather may shorten your quest.

Kodiak and Prince of Wales Islands provide excellent blacktail hunting. Guides cost $3,000-$6,000 per person but do not include licenses, flights, and tips for your guide.

A blacktail hunt is an adventure. You will shoot deer in a beautiful environment that will make lifetime-lasting memories. Another perk of hunting is that you may receive over one tag. You may often mix blacktail with waterfowl hunting.