Should You Install a Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Today learn should you install a stone coated steel roofing system. Are you contemplating a new roof? If you want a long-lasting and durable roof, consider using stone-coated steel roofing. You won’t have to replace it again! Whatever your opinion on metal and steel roofing, the future of the industry is bright. Most suburban Texas homeowners are replacing their asphalt and tile shingles with more durable steel roofs.

Should You-Install-a-Stone-Coated-Steel-Roofing

What’s Stone-coated Steel Roofing? 

If you look at the material name, the word ‘steel’ might catch your eye, giving the impression that it’s just like your typical metal roof. In contrast, stone-coated steel roofing provides the look and feel of traditional shingles with the benefits of metal roofing. It is available in 24 and 26 gauge pre-made rolled roofing sheets with a rust-proof coating, just like other metal roofing materials.

A thick layer of stone is applied to stone-coated steel roofing to give it that desired aesthetic finish, just like its name suggests. We should, however, take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of stone-coated steel roofing first.


Stone-coated steel roofing offers a wide range of benefits. It’s because of these reasons that this material is in high demand:


Replacing a roof can be a hassle because of the debris, the need to temporarily vacate the premises, and the expense of purchasing new materials. Using long-lasting, high-quality roofing materials can help you avoid having to replace your roof again (or ever). Steel roofs with stone-coating have a life expectancy of 40 to 70 years, making it one of the best options available.

While it’s true that high-quality materials are more expensive, is it worth replacing your roof every 15 to 20 years?


Roofs are built to withstand the elements, as is only natural. One of the most long-lasting roofing materials available is stone-coated steel. The steel roof’s top layer acts as a formidable barrier against even the strongest winds and storms.

Little To No Maintenance

Roofing materials require regular maintenance, which can cost you money in the long run. Asphalt shingles and other materials must be inspected frequently to extend their lifespan, which is already limited. There is little to no maintenance required for most metal roofing, particularly steel roofing. You won’t have to worry about long-term damage from harsh weather conditions thanks to this method.

Function And Form

It’s important to keep in mind both function and aesthetics when it comes to ensuring that your home is in good condition. A wide range of colors, styles, and designs are available in steel roofing so that it can match any home’s architecture.

Because of its adaptability, this material is ideal for any climate in which your home is located.

Energy Efficient 

Having a metal roof in a warm state is a good way to keep your house cool, contrary to popular belief. Metal roofing’s inherent sheen and texture can reflect heat and light from ultraviolet sources. You’ll save money on energy because you won’t have to buy air conditioners or heaters if you live somewhere cold. You’ll save a lot of money if you do this.


Steel roofing, like any other building material, has its drawbacks. These drawbacks, on the other hand, are situational and easily rectified.

Hefty Price Tag

Because of the many benefits of this type of roofing, it is one of the most sought-after options available. However, the fact that it is a high-quality product comes at a high cost.

If you’re on a budget and want to find more affordable materials, ask about local prices if you’re on a budget and want to find more affordable materials.

Can Be Noisy

When it rains, the older generation of metal roofs is notoriously noisy. An underlayment of insulation may be necessary if your metal roof makes too much noise when it rains.

It is said that some people find the sound of rain falling on metal roofs to be calming and soothing.

The Right Professional 

An experienced roofing contractor in East Texas like Post Oak Roofing can always be hired for any roofing repair or maintenance needs. If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on a new set of roofing materials, it only makes sense to hire a contractor to help you out.

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