Reasons Not to DIY Your Roof Repair

Learn from Texas Landsource reasons not to DIY your roof repair. Texas Landsource is not only here to help if you’re looking to buy East Texas Land for Sale, but we want to give you our experience with home improvement projects as well. Check out some great counties to buy a home or land for sale in Texas, Anderson County, Bowie County, Cherokee County, Gregg County, Henderson County, or Houston County, TX.

Texas Landsource has decades of experience with home improvement, and we want to help you to not make the same mistakes we did. Learn in today’s post reasons not to DIY your roof repair, hire a professional roofing contractor and have peace of mind. 


DIY home projects are getting more and more popular. To learn how to make a bench step-by-step, all you need to do is watch a video guide online. 

Do-it-yourself projects may be cost-effective. Hiring contractors, designers, and fixers can be expensive due to the high cost of their work. By undertaking a job by yourself, you don’t have to hire anybody else. Therefore, you only pay for the materials.

Besides, many homeowners realize that they have the skills to perform significant house repairs and projects on their own!

There is nothing wrong with reducing your expenses and acquiring new talents. However, the DIY option is not appropriate for every home project or homeowner. 

Indeed, when it comes to roofing and other jobs, many reasons demand the hiring of a professional. Many of these jobs even require a license.

  1. Roofing Jobs Are Dangerous

A trip to the top of your home may not seem like a big problem at first. After all, every year you do it when you dress our home for Christmas! Isn’t it? Yet, in the case of a roof repair, things are different. Remind that there may be damage that is not visible, making the task of walking on your roof even more hazardous.

According to labor safety statistics, roofers have the fifth-highest construction-related deaths. Likewise, fall-related deaths account for a significant share of these fatalities. For these reasons, roofing workers employ specific safety equipment and receive special training to perform their tasks securely.

Therefore, you must avoid going up to your roof if there is any risk of harm and exercise extreme caution if you have to do it.

  1. There may be more than what the eye can see

Usually, the damage to your roof is more extensive than a single point or area. Besides, most of the damage is not evident to the eye unless you are dealing with something like collision damage or fire. 

For example, between its starting point in the roof and the place where it starts dripping, an attic leak’s path can reach 20 feet or more. 

The damage may become extensive, and you could not repair it effectively, requiring a thorough assessment. You may solve one issue. But, you probably will overlook a slew of others that will not disappear by themselves. Indeed, they will worsen over time, requiring more costly repairs in the future. 

Thus, repairing completely any issue that compromises your roof structure demands having specialized knowledge and experience in the roofing work. So, you only will find those characteristics in a local professional and reputable roofing contractor.

  1. You will void your warranty or insurance

Any manufacturer’s warranty will be null or invalid if a non-licensed, non-bonded, or non-insured contractor performs the roof repair or installation. This is a rule within the roofing industry.

Roofing shingles, underlayment, and other components have warranties only if they are correctly installed. Likewise, your insurance will not cover either the materials or the repair because of the lack of a warranty. Moreover, if your attempt to fix a leak is unsuccessful, you will need to hire a roofing company to complete the task.

Likewise, trying to file a claim on your insurance would lead to an inspection. That examination would reveal that a repair had failed, your insurance provider will receive that information, and will deny your claim! 

So, avoid having to pay for a repair that your insurance company would cover! Solve your roofing problems by contacting a professional! 

  1. You will not save money

Now, you know the consequences of following the DIY path when it comes to your roof. So, do you still believe that it is a good idea to repair roofing damage by yourself? Unless you are a professional and licensed roofer, you should not do it.

Do you have homeowners insurance? If so, you may have to pay for your deductible if you need to repair or replace your roof.

If you don’t have that insurance policy, it may seem like a good idea to do the repairs yourself. But, as we have seen, that is not a wise decision. Even if you are merely paying for supplies, you will end up shelling out a lot more money in the long run if you do not perform the repair correctly.

Before you start a home improvement project like a roof repair or new roof replacement, reach out to Texas Landsource and get one of our vetted and trusted top-rated roofing contractors in East TX like Sugar Land Premier Roofing and sleep better at night. 

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