How to Protect Your Roof This Holiday Season

How to protect your roof this holiday season to bring more money on your home sale. Trying to buy the perfect tract of East Texas Land for sale, or maybe a great piece of hunting land for sale in Texas, or maybe even you’re trying to get the most money for you Texas home for sale. Our mission here at Texas Landsource is to help with all your Texas real estate needs. It is that time of the year again! Christmas Holidays is the perfect time of the year for sharing. As the snow begins to fall outside, chestnuts are cooking on an open fire, signaling the arrival of Santa Claus! 

However, emergency roofing repair services are in great demand during the happiest time of the year.

The Post Oak Roofing team sees an increase in roofing repair services throughout the winter months. The reason is a combination of bad weather -that causes roof damage- and poorly-placed Christmas lights.


In this sense, we would like to share some advice with you so you can prevent having trouble with your roof during this season. After all, you will prefer to spend your time with your loved ones instead of concerning due to a roof leak!

So, continue reading below to know what to do to avoid requiring our roofing repair service at Christmas.

Preventing Roof Damage during Holidays

  • Santa and your roofing professionals are the only persons that can step on your roof

Please, keep this idea in mind!

Walking on one’s roof in the winter might be tempting for a variety of reasons. Everybody wants their houses to look as beautiful as those of their neighbors! Or even better! Thus, hanging holiday lights, pruning overhanging tree limbs, and shoveling snow are just some of the temptations you will have this season. 

On the other hand, Post Oak Roofing strongly recommends against it because it is the main source of damage to roofing.

Your shingles may lose granules when you walk on them. This may lead to you having to repair your roof sooner than later. Additionally, if you try to fix any roofing problem by following the DIY route, you may injure yourself severely. Remind that, in the winter, our rooftops tend to be slippery and ice. So, one false step could result in a fall. 

Keep your feet on the ground this Christmas season to protect your roof and yourself.

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  • Always use clips instead of nails when hanging lights

Using nails or staples to hang your holiday lights is never a good idea. If you do this, you will almost certainly find yourself needing emergency roofing repair services very soon. 

Because of nailing Christmas lights to your roof, you are creating little holes through which rainwater will filter. In the long term, this can lead to grave structural damage, mold, and wood decay. You may be wondering, “How these tiny holes could cause damage? We can assure you that they can put your roof at risk, regardless of how small the rip in the roofing material may be.

Have you already used nails or staple guns to hang your holiday lights? Well, do not fall into panic. Before doing anything else, including pulling down the lights, is to get the advice of a competent roofing contractor.

  • Regularly clean out your gutters in the winter

Gutter inspection and cleaning are especially critical during the holiday season. Leaf fall, high winds, and ice all these elements contribute to clogged gutters. 

Condensation in your gutters can lead to mold and mildew in your gutters and a potential fire danger due to the accumulation of debris.

Hence, it is necessary to check and clean your gutters regularly during the winter season. This preventive measure will allow you to minimize risks.

  • Be sure to remove your light displays carefully from your home

Over the years, the Post Oak Roofing crew has had to repair several roofs due to homeowners who took down their Christmas light displays rather than properly remove them. 

Your roof is at risk of suffering damage if you pull out your light display instead of nailing or clipping it in place, no matter what method you utilize. The force of the pull might damage your roof. Therefore, when these minimal holes are punctured, water can leak into the structure, causing long-term harm. 

To avoid this, remove your light displays slowly and carefully. 

  • End of season roofing inspections are a great idea

The Post Oak Roofing team strongly advises arranging an inspection with a professional roofing contractor at the end of the holiday season. This way, you will avoid requesting roofing repair services later! Likewise, to ensure your roof is in good condition over the winter months, hire professionals to inspect it. He will advise on any repairs that may be necessary.

The security of your home and family is in our thoughts this Christmas season, and we wish you the best for the New Year!

For more information on ways to best maintain your roof or to get in touch with vendors vetted by Texas Landsource email us today we are here for all of your home buying and selling needs as well as all of your land for sale in East Texas.