How to Keep Storm Chasers Off Your Roof

Learn from Texas Landsource how to keep storm chasers off your roof. In the aftermath of a major Texas storm, lots of people need roof repair or new roof installations. In many cases, they are vulnerable and unaware of what’s safe and what isn’t. At this time, unscrupulous “storm chasers” will come in to take advantage of them. This is when Texas Landsource is here for you. At Texas Landsource we not only know land for sale in East Texas, but we also have many vetted Texas contractors for you to use. Why try a contractor you don’t know. Use a Texas contractor that Texas Landsource has known for years and trusts. 


What are Storm Chasers?

You may think Texas Landsource is only here for hunting land for sale in Texas but did you know we have decades of experience in home improvement projects as well? “Storm chasers” are common in the roofing industry, and you may have already met one without realizing it. They’re the contractors who come knocking after a big storm, those who prey on homeowners’ confusion and desperation following a weather event, luring them into signing contracts of roof repair or replacement without full knowledge of the costs involved.  These contractors will also try to convince you that your roof needs to be fixed today before it starts raining again. They also may present themselves as experts in roof repairs or replacements when they’re not fully qualified.  

Storm damage can strike at any time. Roofers who are in the right place at the right time can swoop in, claim to be offering an incredible deal, and leave a homeowner with a huge bill they didn’t expect. 

So how do you protect yourself against storm chasers? 

How to Protect Yourself Against Storm Chasers? 

We all want the best for our family, but when severe weather strikes, you need to stay aware of any storm chaser “scams” that could cause you to lose thousands of dollars. If you’re worried that you may be the victim of a storm chaser scam, there are ways you can take to protect yourself.  

Don’t sign anything on the spot

During a home repair or renovation project, it can be tempting to let a contractor you’re unfamiliar with work on your roof. However, if that person is not licensed, he or she won’t be covered by insurance in the event of an accident. That can put you in a precarious liability situation; you may be held responsible for any damage caused by an uninsured contractor. 

So, if the company doesn’t seem legitimate and you don’t feel comfortable signing the documents, avoid doing so at all costs.  A good roofer will never pressure you into signing anything or putting your name anywhere. If you feel pressured, politely decline, and thank them for their time. 

Contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The best way to protect against this scam is to research any company before you hire them. The BBB is an independent organization that can help verify if a business is legitimate or not. It also lists any complaints consumers have had about the business and what their experiences were like. 

Ask For Their Local Address

Be wary of any roofing company that doesn’t have a physical address. A business license and a local phone number are two other important factors to consider when hiring a roofing contractor. 

Look for an address in the state you live in and make sure it’s not just a P.O. Box. If you can’t find an address, that’s a red flag that they could be out-of-state and may not have the proper licenses or insurance. 

Don’t Pay Upfront

Trying to get paid before work is completed is a red flag and one reason why you should carefully vet your roofing company beforehand. Be wary of anyone who forces you to pay in cash or by insurance check, often in the form of down payment, to purchase materials and hire personnel. If you will pay your insurance payment ahead of time, you are essentially financing the roofing company’s payroll. This can result in one of two things: Either the company disappears with your money, or they start doing shoddy work because they have it in hand and no longer need to impress you with their quality.

Roof damage? Call Texas Landsource for a Vetted Contractor

It’s no secret that natural disasters cause a lot of damage. The aftermath of tornado sightings, hurricane season and other unpredictable events can leave home and business owners with huge repair bills. When storms hit our communities, storm chasers are often on the scene.  

If this sounds like something you’d like to avoid, contact us today to learn more about our honest approach to storm damage repair. Texas Landsource is committed to treating our customers right every time. Call Texas Landsource for great vetted East Texas contractor like Post Oak Roofing

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