How Should I Hunt Game Animals?

If you’re wondering “how should I hunt game animals” let Texas Landsource keep you in the know. One of the most invasive predatory large game species in North America is the mountain lion (also called Puma or Cougar). Although few hunters ever contemplate pursuing these enormous cats, many find great satisfaction in doing so. 


Have you been thinking about going on a cougar hunt? We have everything you need for your lion hunt preparation in a two-posts series starting here. 

Mountain Lion Hunting

Only a handful of states have big enough mountain lion populations to make sustainable hunting possible. Because of this, regulations restrict the hunting of these species to a few areas inside the United States.

Some states use a lottery mechanism to distribute permits during hunting seasons. In 2005, South Dakota instituted a trial season for locals only. But the harvest is low. The South Dakota Department of Game and Fish allowed the harvest of 60 mountain lions in 2019. However, hunters only took 21. Additionally, 2019 was the inaugural year of Nebraska’s experimental season. Although eight cats were allowed, hunters only managed to bring home one.

Hunting license costs can range from $12 to $50 for locals and $180 to $390 for visitors, depending on the state. You can buy a lion hunting tag in most states over the counter.

When is the Mountain Lion Hunting Season?

In North America, hunting seasons for the big game, including black bears, whitetails, and mule deer, are similar across most states. This fact adds confusion to the mountain lion hunting season since it seems to open and close randomly. 

In some states, the season may conclude early once harvest quotas are met. Sometimes, local authorities determine quotas based on these animals’ sex. So, the season is over when hunters reach the annual quota of female or male lions.

When hunters reach these quotas, several states conclude hunting seasons in specific areas. So, to avoid buying a license just to have it shut down before going hunting, it is necessary to research the states’ prior harvests.

The Art of Mountain Lion Hunting

Hunting mountain lions is not a simple task. They dislike humans, so they actively shun contact with us. Besides, they are clever and can detect your pursuit. Therefore, mountain lion hunters should be ready for a hard test of their abilities. These animals move fast and cover large territories. It is best to not turn you back on a hunting lion if you come in contact with one. Lions are big cats that are triggered by their predatory instinct. Even smaller animals have a better chance of survival if they are facing the lion instead of running or facing away. All cats prefer to attack from behind.

It is no surprise that most mountain lion hunts include dogs. Because of their elusiveness, hunters often miss lion tracks. Still, dogs can complete this task quickly. The hounds will either tree the animal or corner it on a rocky cliff, allowing the hunter the chance to take a shot. Some states permit hunting using dogs.

Continue Learning About Mountain Lion Hunting

Do you want to get more tips for your next lion hunt? Do not miss what you need to know about addressing local rules and the gear you require for successful hunting. You can learn all about North American Mountain Lion hunting in our next post. We have various types of land for sale in many different counties throughout Texas. If you are looking to buy land for sale or if you are just looking at land, you can check out some of our listing throughout our site.