Homeowners Discover the Real Price of a Cheap Roof

Homeowners discover the real price of a cheap roof when it must be redone. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. The purpose of this website is to offer helpful information on usual roofing concerns. Usually, many of these issues appear when homeowners make a bad decision when hiring a prior roofing contractor. Texas Landsource is here to help with your home for sale in Texas or land for sale in Texas.

In a recent conversation, we knew that a homeowner was having issues with her recent roof replacement. First, this homeowner contacted our team and other roofing companies for an estimate for a new roof. After much research, she decided to hire a business that provided her with a low price. Indeed, this quote was several thousand dollars lower than our quote.

Homeowners Discover the Real Price  of a Cheap Roof

We comprehend the need to save money. However, when it comes to our home, choosing the cheapest cost, generally results in spending more over the long term. 

The homeowner received an estimate with a significantly lower price. When she got this quotation, she should have considered it a red signal since it was very low. Besides, it should be lower than those of the rest of the roofing contractors she reached out to. 

So, it should have served as a warning of the calamity that was about to ensue –and it did. 

Some months later, she began to notice leaks around her chimney. It prompted her to make her second mistake. 

She should contact the original roofing contractor and request that they uphold the eight-year warranty that they had offered. Instead, she hired a different roofing company to perform the repairs. 

This roofing contractor told her that evidently, the first company had cut many corners when replacing her home’s roof. Besides, they discovered that the previous roofers left nails and other building debris scattered across the homeowner’s yard. They also stated that until performing the necessary repairs, she would continue having difficulties with her roof.

We recommended to this client to have the original contractor do the required repairs under warranty terms. Then, she can call the Tadlock Roofing team to inspect once the repair finishes.

Finally, this homeowner gained some helpful knowledge. Did a roofing contractor give you a proposal substantially less expensive than other bids? So, think about what shortcuts this company could take to provide you with that lower price.

Choose the lower price for your new roof, and the thousands of dollars you believe you are saving may return and haunt you.

Indeed, some risks associated with hiring a low-cost roofing contractor are:

  • The roofing company may be unavailable when an issue arises
  • Your roof lifespan will be significantly lower

Do you have trouble due to poor roofing work? Be sure that your roofing company honors your guarantee and prepares the required repairs.

Though, the lesson here is that it is a wise decision to hire a reliable roofing contractor. Usually, choosing real professionals that follow high-quality procedures and employ the best materials implies higher costs. But, over time, you will get peace of mind, and your pocket will thank that. 

Therefore, by selecting professional and reputable roofing contractors, you will seize other advantages such as:

  • They adhere to the city’s construction code
  • They deliver high-quality work and meet deadlines consistently.

Getting a Good-quality Roofing Contractor

To conclude, you will receive the quality of roof that you have paid for. You will end up spending more money in the future because of poor workmanship.

Do you require a roof inspection? Do you want to get a fair and competitive quote on a roof repair or replacement? 

Contact Texas Landsource today for more information about your home. And let one of our proven roofing contractors in Texas help you.

You will also get answers to any roofing questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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