Change in Priorities Regarding Outdoor Space

Are you wanting to change in priorities regarding outdoor space? Let Texas Landsource help you out! These trends have been on the minds of Oxland Group. As of now, no pool is planned for its Painted Tree project in north Texas, which Tom Woliver says would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. 

The company’s co-president, Woliver, says to think about 2020. There were no pools or public facilities open. There were still a lot of people outside, however. They were hiking trails. Their work from home, their children’s education, gym visits, and everything else they do from home were exhausting. Hence, we decided to focus on our trees, trail system, and lake for our amenities.” If you are looking for great outdoor space check out these great Texas Counties, Anderson, Bowie, Cherokee, Houston, or Polk County.


A 20-acre lake is situated in the center of a 230-acre greenbelt with some 25 miles of well-worn trails. A grand entry to the trail system will be built instead of a pool and related buildings, like those found in national parks.

A few miles away, there are five options for people looking for a large clubhouse or gym, says Woliver.

A branded RV at Painted Tree will provide food catering from local restaurants on Taco Tuesdays or keg nights in the park. Woliver believes residents should have options that engage them.

Standard Still Stands

In the future, standard amenities will still be present in many large communities, but they will be centered on something unique. Zonda Advisory principal Mollie Carmichael says buyers were drawn to the top five master-planned communities by sales in 2021.

The Villages in Central Florida have a coastal feel thanks to their size as the largest active-adult community in the country. The Villages has a busy main street encouraging residents to socialize and mingle.

According to Carmichael, the town has a lovely central street concept. Besides the water and golf, their town squares always have live music at 3 p.m. every day. The idea is brilliant–everybody drinks, eats, and chats. My favorite master plan is the one where the entire community smiles.”

In South Carolina, Gramling Brothers Real Estate and Development’s Cane Bay Plantation offers a modern take on traditional fitness features. A leading health and wellness organization will oversee the developer’s programming.

Carmichael calls it clever. The club’s YMCA is the focal point rather than a giant amenity built around the central feature. Sports fields, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and aquatics are available. Y is managing all of it, not a developer.”

A working farm in the center of the Kiawah River is a reminder of the area’s prosperous agricultural heritage. It’s pictured by Keen Eye Marketing/Courtesy of the Beach Co.

Outdoors at Home

It is not uncommon for homeowners to get their outdoor fix in their backyard. As a result of the pandemic, they have realized that outdoor spaces can provide safe gathering spaces all year long. Phoenix-based Boyer Vertical specializes primarily in smaller-scale architectural projects. For CEO and President Jason Boyer, maximizing existing outdoor space is a significant priority.

Despite the pandemic’s influence, he believes that most people are paying more attention to their exterior than their outdoor communal spaces.

He says, “having your own space is more important than having a community center and a pool in a multifamily development.”

If Boyer were to tackle some of his recent projects today, he would think more about pets based on his past experiences. Additionally, he focuses on maximizing the space that already exists.

It’s impossible to please everyone, but Boyer says he’d now make the exterior space feel more livable by using more outdoor space and landscaping it more. “People tend to connect with the outdoors – even when enclosed, it is important to keep them aware of what’s outside. We want to open as many doors as possible to connect the indoors and outdoors.”

After all, we’ve gone through; people crave community, he says. There is a growing demand for outdoor spaces, such as playgrounds, lawns, and dog parks. Fresh air is in high order.”

Among Hillwood’s goals is to build micro parks in high-density areas, so residents don’t trade green space for affordability. Pieper says that “the community can extend the backyard despite having smaller backyards.” Residents are leaving apartments, and we find that high-density products appeal to them because of the amenities they offer.”

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